After meeting and photographing Sara, if there’s one phrase that summed her up, it would be, live life to the fullest.

At 12.5 years young, Sara was recently diagnosed with cancer, and the reason for the setting up of our session. Despite feeling crappy in the previous weeks, she seemed to know that day was for her and completely shined for the camera during our session. Smiling and posing it up while also sneaking in lots of kisses to everyone (including me!), it was hard not to laugh when she also figured out where all the good treats were and “happened” upon them between shots.

We spent her session doing all of her favorite things: cuddling with her humans, eating treats, and playing FRISBEE. I am in love with the image where she’s smiling and carrying the frisbee at the same time (below).

Sadly, about a week after our session, I received the heartbreaking news that the cancer had ended up spreading quickly to the point where she could no longer walk or drink water, and her owners made the difficult decision to let her go. It’s hard to believe that we almost postponed our session to the following week due to weather. I am so grateful that the weather gods ended up listening and gave us such beautiful weather that day.

Thank you Stacy and Adam for a wonderful session, and for sharing your Sara with me. I can tell how special and loved she was, and I know she will be much missed. RIP sweet gal. <3