Who knew after leaving this small town that I would be returning to photograph a high school classmate’s brother’s and wife’s dog?

Harlori contacted me around Christmas time to purchase a session for her brother and wife, and their dog Zoey, who recently joined their family. And of course, I couldn’t have been more excited! It was almost a reunion of sort (kind of) because I knew her brother from high school but didn’t really know him, haha. So then it was kind of awkward at first, but then not really. Harnoor, and his wife, Avni, were both great about it.

Zoey is a gorgeous 1.5 year old Labradoodle, whose lab and poodle sides were very evident during the shoot. Lab side = rambunctious energy and excitement for everything food/treats-related. Poodle side = very intelligent and quick to learn commands. While Zoey did great with following commands, her puppy (and mischievous) side often took over aka read “I’m bored with getting my photo taken”, so we ended up getting some funny, expressive shots. Which, by the way, I’m completely fine with, because her personality really shows through!

Thanks Harnoor and Avni! It was so great seeing/meeting you guys! :)