b0b1479f-f01f-492b-b618-49c7d9dca208Only 16 more days until Christmas! If you’re still looking for the best present ever, consider gifting a custom pet photo session.

Why they will <3 it (and you):

– Finally! No longer do you have to pretend that the 39,120,832 dark and fuzzy photos that they show to you of their neon-glowing eyed pet, is cute. When they show you their gorgeous, professional, and all-natural light images from their session, you’ll actually see what they’re talking about. Maybe. 

– It’s original. How many people can say that they have had a photo session dedicated to their pets? Okay, and the ones we know that have, they’re perfectly sane. Really. 

– Create special memories and gorgeous artwork for the home. I just had a client order 3 – 30 x 40 canvases to hang on their wall. I can’t wait to share images!

Special Offer: When you purchase a gift certificate, I’ll make the gift extra special by adding a $25 print & product credit. Just mention this code: HolidayPetLove2014. Valid through Dec. 24th.

Contact me for more info.