Whew! Finally found some time to blog during this crazy time of the year!


I always like to ask my clients to share a little bit about their pet’s personality, and their favorite memories of them, and I have to say Kelley had me laughing and astonished at multiple times during our meeting. She has two pups, Ruby and Layla, and one sweet but mischievous cat named Gunner.

Ruby (the one with the funny white eyebrows) was adopted from a farm as a puppy, and has since grown up to be what would be described as a sassy, skeptical older lady. She can be a bit dramatic because when she disagrees with you, she likes to shake her head no, stomp her feet, and woof at you. She definitely gave me a lot of skeptical looks while I was photographing her, but I think she decided I was okay after the tons of treats.

Gunner is the black cat that Kelley was watching for a friend but ended up keeping after never being asked for him back. She’s not complaining though because he’s seriously the best cat ever–more like a dog in a cat’s body as she describes it! He has since given her many fond memories (or what was probably heart attacks then); being an escape artist, he soon figured out how to open the lever on the front door and let himself (and Ruby) out. Thankfully, nothing bad happened! Gunner was hilarious during our shoot because he definitely tried to escape/take off after the squirrels in the back yard when we weren’t looking!

Layla is a recent addition to the family. She was rescued and adopted from the Michigan Humane Society. While not much is known about Layla’s background, although based on how she reacts around people (terrified of men), it’s suspected that she was abused in her previous situation (so sad!). We weren’t sure how she would do with being photographed, and she actually ended up being terrified of the camera, but we were able to manage to pull off a few sweet shots of her. And when I didn’t have my camera in hand, she was super sweet and happily accepted head pats and treats from me.

Thank you both for a wonderful sesh! <3