Can I say that I really fricking love working with kittens? Don’t get me wrong. I love wrinkly, squirmy, and cuddly puppies just as much as the next normal person, but there’s something about watching kittens leaping, pouncing, and tackling one another, that makes it so I could easily watch (and photograph) them play all day.

Meet Chancey, Cheerio, and & Crayola. All kittens that have since been adopted from the Michigan Orphan Kitten Rescue in Saline, Michigan.

Adoptable Kittens_01 Adoptable Kittens_02 Adoptable Kittens_03 Adoptable Kittens_04 Adoptable Kittens_05 Adoptable Kittens_06 Adoptable Kittens_07 Adoptable Kittens_08 Adoptable Kittens_09 Adoptable Kittens_10 Adoptable Kittens_11 Adoptable Kittens_12 Adoptable Kittens_13 Adoptable Kittens_14 Adoptable Kittens_15 Adoptable Kittens_16
Love these next series of images. The lone kitten trying to get in on some of the play action, haha.
Adoptable Kittens_17 Adoptable Kittens_18 Adoptable Kittens_19 Adoptable Kittens_20 Adoptable Kittens_21 Adoptable Kittens_22 Adoptable Kittens_23 Adoptable Kittens_24 Adoptable Kittens_25