I’m a lucky participant of Chewy.com‘s Blogger Outreach Program, meaning I get to try out a lot of different pet products in exchange for my honest reviews. The following review are the thoughts and opinions of yours truly, and no way am I paid to endorse the following product.

For this month’s wet food review, I decided to try Purina Pro Plan Chicken & Turkey Favorites Variety Pack Canned Cat Food, 3-oz, case of 24. 

Purina Pro Plan has been around forever, and is a well-trusted brand. I’m not super crazy about their ingredients (by-products, corn, wheat, etc), but I do currently use one of their products as part of the kits’ diet. Rather than paying God knows how much for a prescription formula, I use their Urinary Tract Health dry food instead, and I do have to admit that it works. Shoko has been on it for about 6 years now, and I notice that every time we run out of it, he starts exhibiting behavior that is representative of right around the time he was starting to block (licking around his sensitive area, for those curious).

Anyway, enough tangency. Time to review! Here is a photo of what the actual product looks like. The other two varieties in the pack include Turkey and Rice, and Chicken and Vegetables, but they essentially look the same, give or take with the added vegetables.

I have to be honest, it actually smells amazing for wet food. They definitely have the aroma down to a science. Achilles is a super picky eater, but he loves his Purina Pro Plan. This was one of his first foods as a kitten (from the breeder), so I wonder if that has anything to do with it.

Would I continue to buy this? I’d say I’m split. There are so many other great wet foods out there that is better for approximately the same price point.