Happy New Year! It’s 2019, 19 years since the infamous Y2K, and we’re all still here. Hard to believe we’re almost two decades past the millennium!

As I reflect back on my business these past 8 years, so much has changed, yet also some things haven’t. I recently started doing destination sessions in different cities across the country to incorporate my love of travel with what I do. Last year, I went to NYC, Chicago, Scottsdale, Traverse City, and Los Angeles. This year I’ll be adding Austin, TX; Denver, CO; Roanoke, VA and San Francisco, CA to the list (message me for more info!). For those who live in Michigan, don’t worry! My home base will always be Michigan, so I’ll still be here to do pet photoshoots throughout the year.

Despite each city being so different (and it’s definitely been interesting navigating each location and figuring out the best places to photograph. I can honestly say, I think I’ve seen more of each city than most people that live there. 😂), one common thread remains– an undeniable love for our furry friends. I’m so excited that I get to continue to do what I love and share images and stories of the beloved pets in our lives. Thank you so much for following me on my journey, and I hope I get to hear and photograph your pet love story one day, too!

For today’s post, I’d like to share with you images from two furry pups that I’m currently obsessed with; Opie + Moose (Follow them on Instagram @adventures_of_opieandmoose_. Jackie received a photo session from her sister as a birthday gift, which timed perfectly with the arrival of her second Aussie puppy, Moose. If I could sum up Opie + Moose’s relationship in a sentence, it’d be Moose–the annoying little sibling that wants to do everything his big brother is doing, haha. The expressions on Moose and Opie’s faces while they’re playing are classic.

Thanks Jackie and Jon for such a fun sesh! :)