(If you know of anyone or an organization that are in need of professional animal photos and/or would be interested in creating awareness for their organization, please send me an email at hello (at) katkuphotography.com)

One of my goals is to get more involved with the animal rescue community– not only by helping to take photos of animals that have been fosters or at shelters for way too long but also to create awareness about the many wonderful organizations in southeast Michigan. I think sometimes there’s a disconnect when people are looking to adopt, or it can come off as an overwhelming process with everything that goes on. By putting faces to the people who selflessly donate their time and efforts to their organization, in addition to sharing their stories, I hope that people will be inspired to adopt from them, or even help out in the future.

I had the pleasure of working with Kathy and her wonderful team at P.O.E.T. Animal Rescue. It was so encouraging to see everyone that came out to have their fosters be photographed despite being a cold and windy day!

Just to give you a little bit of background about the rescue, they were established in 2011, and their mission is:
“To educate individuals on the needs of their pets and the growing problem that is pet over population. To rescue and save the unwanted dogs and puppies that are crowding our shelters. To prevent future pet surrenders to kill shelters by the education of their owners; spaying and neutering companion animals, responsible purchasing and adopting, behavior modification and solutions to behavior problems, resources to help owners keep their pets and in general become better pet parents!”

Check out some of the adorable dogs available for adoption, below. Contact poetdogs@gmail.com for more info.

Kat Ku_POET Animal Rescue_Abbott_01 Kat Ku_POET Animal Rescue_Amelia_02 Kat Ku_POET Animal Rescue_Bridgette_03 Kat Ku_POET Animal Rescue_Bubbles_04 Kat Ku_POET Animal Rescue_Jib_05 Kat Ku_POET Animal Rescue_Louisiana_06 Kat Ku_POET Animal Rescue_Richochet_07 Kat Ku_POET Animal Rescue_Ruckus_08 Kat Ku_POET Animal Rescue_Santino_09 Kat Ku_POET Animal Rescue_Santino_10