Yes, I did say “Pompoo”, and no, I did not make it up! Ollie, a super fluffy, slightly mischievous, unreal 2 pound puppy, is the result of a Pomeranian and a Toy Poodle mix.

During the shoot, I discovered Ollie loves chewing on grass, and for a moment, I was actually worried that a bunny family might mistake him as a fellow relative, and convince him to hop off with them into the sunset. (bad joke).

Working with puppies are always so much fun, and Ollie was no exception. Amy and Kevin, thanks for a wonderful shoot, and I hope you enjoy his photos! :)

Kat-Ku-Photography_Ollie_01 Kat-Ku-Photography_Ollie_02 Kat-Ku-Photography_Ollie_03 Kat-Ku-Photography_Ollie_04 Kat-Ku-Photography_Ollie_05 Kat-Ku-Photography_Ollie_06 Kat-Ku-Photography_Ollie_07 Kat-Ku-Photography_Ollie_08 Kat-Ku-Photography_Ollie_09 Kat-Ku-Photography_Ollie_10 Kat-Ku-Photography_Ollie_11 Kat-Ku-Photography_Ollie_12 Kat-Ku-Photography_Ollie_13 Kat-Ku-Photography_Ollie_14 Kat-Ku-Photography_Ollie_15 Kat-Ku-Photography_Ollie_16 Kat-Ku-Photography_Ollie_17 Kat-Ku-Photography_Ollie_18 Kat-Ku-Photography_Ollie_19