I got to photograph the sweetest little pack of dogs ever: Nic + Piper, who are both whippets, and Lucy, who is the beagle mix. Deana, their human, first contacted me to set up a session to photograph their newest pup, Piper. Having already done another photo session previously with the first two dogs, she was interested in adding a nice one of Piper to the collection.

But then she mentioned that Lucy, hasn’t been doing too well lately, as she was suffering from seizures. And she hoped we could try to get at least one photo of her and her husband without him noticing, as she was really a daddy’s girl.

I’ll be honest that 95% of the people that contact me to do pet photo sessions are female, and often the boyfriends or husbands act like they want to be anywhere but there. Once in a while I’ll actually get a guy that is actually enthusiastic about being photographed with his dog(s), which is always a nice surprise–although I can’t say this was the case (haha, sorry Trey!).

Regardless, just knowing what was going on with Lucy, and knowing that she’s special to her dad, I made them take some photos together anyway. My thing is, we’ll take some frames, it doesn’t mean you have to get them, but if you end up liking them, you have that option. I prefer, “I’m glad that we did” to “I wish we did”. Personally, I think the photos of them together turned out really sweet. :)

As for the rest of the pack, they were so much fun to work with. Super sweet and silly, I loved how much expression they gave me. Nic wanted to pose for the camera the entire time, although for some reason, he looks mostly confused in a lot of the images, haha. Piper alternated between sweet and sass. And Lucy was just one giant smile. Thanks Deana and Trey for letting me photograph your beautiful pups. I hope you like their images!

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