I have to say it’s a bit of a treat when I get to photograph cats. Primarily because most of my clientele is 99% dogs. Don’t get me wrong, I love, love, love working with dogs, but I can’t start but help to think that people might love their dogs more than their cats. :( (Prove me wrong if you’re a cat owner reading this?)

In February, I had the opportunity to work with two adorable cats named Moonshine and Banks. Not going to lie, I immediately gravitated towards Banks because of her RBF–probably because we both have that in common. Aka we often hear, “Why does she look so angry?” “She’s not. She always just looks like that.”  

I asked their owner, Kate, to share some background on the two cats because I thought how she got them, and how she came up with their names were super creative!

“Banks was rescued in Northern Michigan in the middle of winter. When I got her she was severely underweight and sick. I nursed her back to health and she has been my shadow ever since! Banks got her name because my mom told me that cats were expensive and so I named her Bankruptcy (but we call her Banks!)
I adopted Moonshine from the Ann Arbor Cat Clinic when he was a kitten. Now he is almost 2 and is the worlds best little brother! Moonshine got his name after a quick brainstorming session with my friends over a few drinks. Someone brought up Moonshine and it stuck!” 
Thanks Kate for letting me be Moonshine + Banks’ pawparazzi for the day. Hope you love their images! :)