I always get super excited when I get to photograph cats, mostly because the opportunity doesn’t happen too often. But I was even more excited, when I saw how handsome Leo was. Leo is a 5 month old silver Ragamuffin cat.

Not to get too in depth, but they’re essentially a derivative of the Ragdoll breed. The Ragamuffin breeders decided to go with different fur colors, eye shapes, etc, but they essentially have the same sweet, confident, cuddly, and dog-like personalities that I love in my own Ragdoll cats. (Or at least Achilles anyway. Shoko is a whole another story, lol. 😬🙄❤)

I’m not sure if it was intentional or not, or one of those subconscious things, but the first thing I noticed was how Leo matches Wendy’s color interior scheme of grays and yellows. Then the fact how they match in terms of Leo’s eyes/her hair color, and then his fur/her shirt, lol, which begs the question–do we look like our pets, or do our pets look like us? 😆

Thanks Wendy! It was so wonderful meeting both you and Leo! 💖