for photoshoots—and for several reasons, although accidentally stepping in dog poop (bound to happen sooner or later), is probably not one of them, haha.

As a photographer, my job is to tell a story. For pets, you want images that convey their personality and all the little things that you love about them. As an on location photographer, I’m flexible if the client wants to have their session at a local park or in the city, but I find the one location that is often overlooked is at home.

One of the wonderful things about having an at home photo session is that the pets get to be off leash—so they’re free to wander around and be themselves. Since the pets are also already familiar with their surroundings, they are relaxed and comfortable, which ultimately, really comes across in their portraits.

Even if you don’t have a yard that rivals Wisteria Lane, you’ll be surprised at how many little areas you can turn into a backdrop for your image.  That one sole patch of green grass and last living plant (I’m exaggerating a bit here to make a point)—voila! Look at this gorgeous picture of Tucker (also available for adoption through Allforkarma, btw) outside in the yard of his foster home.
If you look at the following series of images, they all take place in one yard, but see how when you look at the image, you’re not really “looking” at the backyard. What you’re looking at are little elements that make up the backyard–such as a bench, random pots of flowers, or stone patio; these all help to contribute to the overall feel and story of the image. Right now, you might look out at your backyard and see one disorganized mess, but learn to break it down, and you’ll soon see all the possibilities!If you live in an area with lots of natural light, and you’re thinking of booking your next photoshoot, consider having it at your beautiful home.
Wrangler-4 Wrangler
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Cat-in-chair Cat-watching      collapsible backdrop