Usually there’s one dog that’s completely “shameless”  when it comes to being photographed. In this case, Ellie was the winner. While I was working with Rosko or Madi, she would totally get jealous and come running to ham it up for the camera. I think she used to be a model in a previous life–check out her “smizing” photos. Even though she made it a challenge to photograph her siblings, secretly, I love it when dogs love having their photo taken. They give me so many great images. :)

As you can tell, this photo session didn’t take place in Michigan. This past December I went to Scottsdale and spent the afternoon photographing this adorable little trio. Rosko is the yorkie, Ellie is the dachshund, and Madi is the terrier mix with the awesome faux-hawk. With this recent cold weather, I’m totally wishing I was back there. 75 degrees and sunshine? I’ll take it! But I guess these sunny images will have to do for now. :) Thank you and Angala and Aaron for a wonderful session; you two seriously have the cutest furkids!
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