Just checked the last date I blogged, and it was August. Yikes!

I know, I know, I’ve been pretty bad about keeping this updated, but if you’re on Facebook, feel free to “Like” my page or follow me on insta for the latest work. I promise I’m much better about posting there more frequently!


If you think photographing one dog is hard, try four! This actually isn’t the first time I’ve done this believe it or not (check out Mollie/Vince/Lizzie/Dash from earlier this year, and Polar/Heidi/Beau/Duchess from last year), but I will say working with smaller dogs can be much easier than large ones!

I first met Jennifer at this year’s HSHV Walk & Wag event, where I photographed Oliver for my annual Doggy Portraits for a Cause fundraiser. I guess she was so impressed with my mad skillz, she hired me to photograph the rest of her pack. Her pack are all rescues and have wonderful stories behind them, which you will have to ask her about sometime!

Charlie (Dachshund mix), Mocha (random tufts of hair | Beagle/Dachshund mix), Oliver (Chihuahua/Bulldog mix)  and Bella (Chihuahua) are all absolutely adorable in their own ways, but I will have to say I fell in love with Charlie. He always seems to be off in his own little world (probably because he is deaf) and has the sweetest expressions.

On a random note, Jennifer has the most amazing garden that I have ever seen, and I am immensely jealous of all the fresh veggies she gets to eat. If only I had her green thumb! Thank you and Jeff for such a fun and wonderful session. I hope you love all of their images!

(I love how Charlie looks like a little deer here, lol)kat-ku-photography-detroit-michigan-dog-photos_11kat-ku-photography-detroit-michigan-dog-photos_12kat-ku-michigan-dog-photography_34kat-ku-photography-detroit-michigan-dog-photos_14kat-ku-photography-detroit-michigan-dog-photos_15kat-ku-photography-detroit-michigan-dog-photos_16kat-ku-photography-detroit-michigan-dog-photos_17kat-ku-photography-detroit-michigan-dog-photos_18kat-ku-photography-detroit-michigan-dog-photos_19kat-ku-photography-detroit-michigan-dog-photos_20untitled-1-copykat-ku-photography-detroit-michigan-dog-photos_26kat-ku-photography-detroit-michigan-dog-photos_22kat-ku-photography-detroit-michigan-dog-photos_25kat-ku-photography-detroit-michigan-dog-photos_24kat-ku-photography-detroit-michigan-dog-photos_23kat-ku-photography-detroit-michigan-dog-photos_27kat-ku-photography-detroit-michigan-dog-photos_28kat-ku-photography-detroit-michigan-dog-photos_30kat-ku-photography-detroit-michigan-dog-photos_31kat-ku-photography-detroit-michigan-dog-photos_32kat-ku-photography-detroit-michigan-dog-photos_33