After Kate saw the photos I did for Marie of her dog, Daphne, she knew that she had to absolutely do a photoshoot with her pup, Levi. Kate adopted Levi at 14 weeks after his original family could no longer keep him due to allergies. His family met her at a pizzeria parking lot, and upon seeing that Levi was wearing a Grecian collar–and herself being Greece– she knew it was absolutely meant to be.

Levi, who will be 12 years in March, is described as an old soul who absolutely hates being cuddled and having selfies taken. If you pay attention closely to the photos, you can see how much fun Levi is having initially with the photoshoot, but as we start taking photos of him being held and kissed, he becomes all of a sudden over it, haha.

Our session took place at Papago Park, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite shoot locations for its easy access to a desert background and gorgeous mountain view. Not to mention the dusk lighting that you get for beautiful, moody images. Not going to lie, this may quickly become one of my favorite styles of shooting.

Thanks again Kate and Brad for sharing your evening with me! Hope you love these images of Levi as much as I do!