Bored one Friday night, Gloria and her daughter decided to go look at some puppies for fun. Of course, when you go on those type of adventures, it’s only inevitable that you bring one home ;) And they did– they brought home Callie Anastasia, a beautiful dapple dachshund.

Our session took place on a gorgeous sunny day in autumn. I’m totally digging how her colorful coat vibes with the fall leaves. It was like they were meant to be. :)

Kat Ku_Callie_Dachshund_02
Kat Ku_Callie_Dachshund_03
Kat Ku_Callie_Dachshund_04
Kat Ku_Callie_Dachshund_05
Kat Ku_Callie_Dachshund_06
Kat Ku_Callie_Dachshund_07
Kat Ku_Callie_Dachshund_08
Telling secrets. Ooh!
Kat Ku_Callie_Dachshund_09
This is Callie’s toy.
Kat Ku_Callie_Dachshund_10
Kat Ku_Callie_Dachshund_12
This is Callie’s toy-no-more, 5 minutes later. I love her “dog shame face”, haha.
Kat Ku_Callie_Dachshund_11
Okay, Callie, time for a time out. Think about what you just did. Just kidding.
Kat Ku_Callie_Dachshund_01
Walk time!
Kat Ku_Callie_Dachshund_14
Someone can’t wait to go outside!
Kat Ku_Callie_Dachshund_15
Kat Ku_Callie_Dachshund_13
Kat Ku_Callie_Dachshund_16
Kat Ku_Callie_Dachshund_17
Kat Ku_Callie_Dachshund_18
Kat Ku_Callie_Dachshund_19
Kat Ku_Callie_Dachshund_20
Kat Ku_Callie_Dachshund_21
Kat Ku_Callie_Dachshund_22