I’m a lucky participant of Chewy.com‘s Blogger Outreach Program, meaning I get to try out a lot of different pet products in exchange for my honest reviews. The following review are the thoughts and opinions of yours truly, and no way am I paid to endorse the following product.

For this month’s review, Chewy.com was so gracious to send me a bag of Blue Buffalo Chicken Tenders Grain-Free dog treats for me to test out. As in my previous reviews, I always emphasize the importance of using “Made in the USA” and “high-quality ingredients” treats to keep my subjects motivated during their photoshoots. And of course, to fall in love with me as the best treat lady ever. ;) hehe.

So I don’t know if you know this about Blue Buffalo, but there’s currently a lawsuit against them for falsely advertising what ingredients are NOT in their food but where the opposite is supposedly found to be true. I have always had a positive experience with the brand in feeding their food to my cats, so I didn’t really have an issue in testing their treats out, regardless of the fact.

(What the bag of treats looks like)
IMG_0766 copy

My first impressions of the treats are a) the bag doesn’t look to have as many treats as it does in it’s product photo and b) after opening, the treats are not TENDER at all. A bit ironic given what I just said about the mislabeling lawsuit. Maybe this is bad naming, or I just got a stale bag, but the so-called chicken “tenders” are hard as heck. I’d call them “chicken chews” or “impossible chicken jerky”, because that would be a more accurate description of the hardness and texture. The treats were so hard, that they were nearly impossible to break into small pieces, as I often do with all of my treats.

(Size of Chicken Tenders treat compared to the size of a tennis ball)
IMG_0768 copy

Despite that, all of the dogs that I ended up giving an entire treat to seemed to love them, as they were quick to take them from me. I noticed a couple of them had difficulty eating them though, and often left pieces on the ground. Based on that, the price point and the wide variety of high-quality treats out there, I can’t say I recommend these treats to other people. You might as well buy a fresh pound of chicken and cook that for your dog instead. It would be much cheaper, and go a long ways further. Plus, you don’t have to worry about potentially sharp pieces of chicken cutting up your dog’s mouth and innards…

With that said, that’s it from me on this. Many thanks again to Chewy.com for the opportunity to review these treats. Until next time!

(MoMo thought they were okay)Kat Ku Photography_Dog_01