Sandy first contacted me to photograph her dog, Benny, when he turned 6 months old. The only problem was his half-birthday was in December, and I don’t book sessions then. December is the month where I’m in beast mode trying to get everybody’s orders to them in time for the holidays. I decided to make an exception though because hey, you’re only a puppy that turns 6 months once in your life–so why not. :D

I’ve photographed A LOT of Golden Retrievers (GR) within the past few years, and I have to say Benny is easily the most laid-back (along with super sweet and smart) GR that I have ever photographed. This can be attributed to having come from an amazing breeder; someone that actually cares about the health, look, and temperament of the breed, which I think is really important when looking for a purebred dog.

At the beginning of our session, Benny wasn’t quite sure who I was, or what I was doing pointing a funny looking black box at him, so he went and immediately grabbed his little blankey. So cute how they’re just like babies! Thankfully, after he realized I was the treat-dispensing lady, he warmed right up and smiled for the rest of the session!

(His blankey is really a cut-up t-shirt filled with his mom and sibling’s scents, that came with him to his new furever home, haha).